Shadow By Tylia L. Flores Please don’t define who I am,   Just because you see my shadow,   made out of a chair built behind me,   and the wheels on the side of it,   instead, define…

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Be the authors of your own life

Recently I had the opportunity to be a keynote speaker at the first annual virtual Cerebral Palsy awareness conference. Throughout the last eight days, I began to reflect on my journey and how far I’ve come in my life and…

Please don’t call me Crippled

Once upon a time, we lived in a society where referring to someone with Cerebral Palsy as “crippled” was okay but truth be told it was never okay, to begin with. First of all, referring to someone as “crippled” is…

4 Lessons you could learn from “Crip Camp”

I recently watched Netflix’s “Crip Camp”; a documentary that follows the story of people with disabilities who go to a General Education summer camp to find an escape from the reality of having a disability so what are some lessons…

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