Unexpected love with Cerebral Palsy

This piece was written in collaboration with my boyfriend Bobby, We wanted to show you all our bond, our stories and our love. Bob – I hang up the FaceTime call for the night, I think to myself “How did…

It was turly​​ a night to shine

Yesterday, I attended night to shine for the first time for those of you I have no clue what night to shine is it is a prom dedicated to people with disabilities it was started by NLF Player Tim Tebow…

“Why Upside Is A Must-See Movie For Everyone

I recently went to see “The Upside.” I was skeptical about at first because many films misrepresent the lives of people with disabilities. They make their lives seem sad and discouraging, but for most, that is far from reality. I’m…

How To Find The Fire In Your Soul

Finding the fire in your soul while going throughout life is quite the easier thing you could find if you do what you love. For example, I have been writing since I was sixteen years old. It has helped me…

4 Life Lessons I Learned From My Pet

Due to my Cerebral palsy and my needs, my parents decided to get me a miniature schnauzer five years ago in order to help with my special needs and daily tasks. Throughout those five years I’ve had many adventures with…

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