How My Girl got me through Grief

Two days before Christmas my great-grandma passed away, and I needed something to help me cope with her passing so I decided to go on Netflix and search through the newly added movies. And there it was, a 1991 movie,…

Bloomberg says suit to add handicapped-accessible cabs unfair to ‘average’ riders, wastes gas, money

Original article here:   – Mayor Bloomberg Wednesday brushed off the feds’ effort to make more cabs handicapped-accessible – saying it would inconvenience able-bodied passengers. If you’re in a wheelchair, it’s really hard to go out in the street and…

Where there’s a will there’s a way

Last night, I attended “Night to Shine “by the Tim Tebow Foundation for the second year in a row. While on the dance floor with my old childhood friends  “Ashton” and “Travis” reminiscing on all the great memories we shared at…

How I got my name

Last Night I was going through my old yahoo! account for High School and found one of my language arts essays about how I got named Tylia Lynette and how my journey came to be   Many people wonder how…

9 Lessons My Uncle Taught Me About Autism

Growing up, I wasn’t the only person in my family with a disability. I have an uncle who has Asperger syndrome, and over the years he has taught many lessons about how to overcome challenges in my way. 1. Nothing…

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