The one wish I have for Christmas

I am often reminded of how society treats people with disabilities as we approach the holiday season, and if St. Nick was real, I would wish for one thing. Rather than walk or be cured of this condition, we want…

Discover your own meaning and inspire yourself

I recently published my brand new book, I love you in a special way, which features Cane Walker, a 21-year-old born with cerebral palsy who communicates with society using an ACC Device. During his time at South Plantation High School,…

Ableism and how to deal with it

In my life with Cerebral Palsy I have been exposed to many forms of Ableism whether it was noticeable or not and we continue as a society to struggle with the different terms for Ableism. Most people ask me how…

For an orthopedic surgeon..

Hey Everyone, I have been trying to find an orthopedic surgeon who will perform my hip reconstructive surgery for the past few years. I had a hip dislocation surgery in 2001, and then a year later I had a second…

The adventures of Stomping on CP

Hello everyone, I’m excited to announce that I am working on a children’s comic book strip called the adventures of stomping on Cerebral Palsy. In the hopes that I could help bring awareness to those with Cerebral palsy and help…

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