Why we need to advocate

In my years, of being involved in advocating for cerebral palsy many people have asked me why do I advocate for cerebral palsy for one I have had Cerebral palsy form the age of two years old and I know…

Happy Cerebral Palsy awarness ​​day

Happy cerebral palsy awareness day everyone I hope that you are having a great one if you do celebrate the day the people with cerebral palsy come together to celebrate our accomplishment within our community. In honor of Cerebral Palsy…

SPEECHLESS - "G-A-- GAME N-I-- NIGHT" - When Maya insists that it's time to meet Izzy, a reluctant JJ arranges a game night for his family and new girlfriend. Ray tries to help on the big night, but his attention to detail puts a major crimp in JJ's evening. Meanwhile, Dylan and Kenneth let their appetites get the better of them on an all-new episode of "Speechless," airing FRIDAY, FEB. 22 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EST), as part of the new TGIF programming block on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)
Speechless on the Bubble

I recently read an article on about ABC’S sitcom speechless and the article Sparks up a debate whether or not the sitcom should be renewed for a fourth season or not. In my opinion, I strongly feel that ABC…

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